East County Athlete of the Week: Tyler Beasley '21

Ryan Kohn -
Reporter Ryan Kohn talks with quarterback Tyler Beasley '21 about overcoming losses and the excitement of competition.
The ODA quarterback talks overcoming losses and snakes.
Tyler Beasley is a sophomore-to-be quarterback at The Out-of-Door Academy. Beasley threw two touchdowns, of 64 and 25 yards, on May 17 in the Thunder's 16-8 spring game win against visiting Evangelical Christian. 
When did you start playing football?
I played organized flag football when I was 8, and I have played tackle the last three years. I had a neighbor (Ben Esper) who I threw the ball with when I was 5, and that kickstarted my interest in the sport. This season (in the fall) will be my first for ODA. 
What is the appeal to you?
The excitement of the competition. I play basketball too, and I like basketball, but football is more physical and once a play starts, the action is nonstop. 
What is your best skill?
Throwing long balls. That's what people notice most about my game. 
What is your favorite memory?
I used to play with the Ringling Redskins, and my first year (2014) we went 0-8. The next season, we only went 1-7 (against Paiute), but the win gave me so much confidence. It felt great to be excited about football again.
What is the biggest challenge you have faced?
Dealing with those losses. I wondered if I even wanted to keep playing football, but I pushed through it and went on to the next game. 
What is your dream vacation?
The Bahamas. I have been twice before, but I want to go back. I love water, and the water is different there. It's way nicer than it is here. 
What is your favorite subject?
Math and science. Math because I'm good at it, science because I like my teacher (Mike Newhams) a lot.
What is your biggest fear?
Snakes. I was playing paintball with friends last week, and there were eight black racer snakes around us. There was another one, I don't know what type, but it must have been nine feet long. It was bad. 
What is the best advice you have received?
Exceed expectations. Everyone does the minimum. You have to do more than that to beat your opponent. 
Finish this sentence: "Tyler Beasley is ... "
... Hard-working. When other people are doing something else, I'm out here working. 

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