Sixth Grade Symposium Brings Ancient Egypt to Life

Sixth graders embarked on an exploration of Ancient Egyptian mummification during a creative cross-curricular project last quarter.
The project culminated in a showcase of their work. This collaboration between science, history, math, and visual art examined the process behind mummification, hieroglyphic translation, the geometry of pyramids, and “death” masks. Students translated a story about themselves using hieroglyphics (which they decided are like modern day emojis) and created masks to represent their unique personalities and interests. They used geometric fractals – a shape that maintains its shape when repeated – to create 3-dimensional pyramids. The students’ pyramids were stacked together to construct one enormous cohesive pyramid which decorated the space at the Egyptian Symposium. Parents and faculty members circulated the Petrik Commons to see each student’s work on display in many forms –  digital presentations included a translation of their hieroglyphic story, explanation of the design of their creative “death mask,” and historical explanation of the mummification process.

This semester, students will continue the collaboration. Following the theme of translation, students will move into their study of Egypt in their History classes, and will begin investigating coding in Science.

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