Impressive Talent on Display at Middle and Upper School Arts Day

The Uihlein Campus was filled with the sights and sounds of music, song, and artistic expression this weekend for Middle and Upper School Arts Day. Interactive arts elements joined the exhibited artwork and performances by several groups this year. Attendees could create an active photo, watch a ceramics creation come to life on a wheel or splatter paint on an oversized canvas for a community-created collaborative piece.
The Orchestras were the first to perform in The Black Box Theater. The Middle School String Ensemble played several songs, finishing with “Lovely” by Billie Eilish. Soloists Svetlana Maury Kondratovich ‘23 and Johnny Robinson ‘23 gave strong and soulful performances that moved the audience. “Ships of Ireland” and “Moondance” by the Combined String Orchestra (Grades 8-12) and the Advanced Orchestra respectively, were powerfully delivered. The Advanced Chamber Ensemble’s “Csardas” featuring Arthur Wang ‘21 was fabulous, and “Celtica” by the Combined Orchestra (Grades 6-12) had the audience on their feet.

Inside the Arts Center, walls were covered with paintings, 2D designs, illustrations, photography, and drawings. The lobby held a display of students’ ceramics and jewelry, creatively arranged to show the variety of colors and textures of the handmade pieces. Outside of the Arts Center, ceramics students demonstrated their throwing skills during a pottery wheel exhibition and guests were invited to participate in a live painting experience.

The Bands took to the stage next, with a combination of traditional, jazz, and Caribbean selections. Each division took their turn at the steel drums, playing “Mi Compadre Juan,” “Canticum,” and “Malaguena” for the toe-tapping audience. The Middle School Band branched out with a diverse selection of songs including “Zombie Tango” and “Sugar Boom Boom.” The Upper School Band entertained the crowd with their “Picadore March” and “Harlem Nocturne.” The two bands came together for a final piece, “Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” from the classic “Fantasia” that had the audience clearly impressed.

The final group to perform in the Black Box was the Middle and Upper School Chorus. Singing a wide variety of songs from contemporary artists as well as popular musicals, the talent of the students was apparent. Senior Filip Svoboda’s charismatic duet with Colin Castro ‘20 from “The Greatest Showman,” as well as the whole group’s rendition of “The Greatest Show” held the attention of their audience. With songs from Adele, Queen, and more, the songs showed the range and depth of the singers and many skilled soloists. It was an exciting way to showcase how alive the arts are throughout our School community.

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