Fifth Graders Exhibit Art Under the Banyan

The fifth grade showcased limitless creativity in both visual and performing arts during their annual Art Under the Banyan exhibit. The Kozel Family Amphitheater was filled with 2- and 3-dimensional art, along with smartphone-accessible videos featuring students speaking from inside their own artistic creation. Parents enjoyed a dramatic performance featuring ODA’s Core Values Unleashed, and Dr. Vasilaki's students filled the air with music.
Parents were impressed with the depth and sophistication of the artwork exhibited by Ms. Gabrici’s students, including large-scale Pop Art sculptures inspired by the sculptors Claes Oldenburg and Coosje Van Bruggen. The students collaborated in small groups to research an art career and create a large scale sculpture of a tool that the artist might use. While studying Op Art and the artists Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely, students learned how to create an illusion in their artwork through the manipulation of line, color, and value. The results were Op Art Spheres and Hearts - 2-dimensional pieces designed to fool the eyes of the viewer.

After a fantastic field trip to the Salvador Dali Museum of Art, classes studied Surrealism and created their own dream-like artwork. Classes then created paintings and drawings using Surrealist techniques like hidden faces, metamorphic objects, and dislocation.

In a twist on self portraits, students drew their shoes as a representation of who they are and where they are going. They learned how to draw from observation and use contour lines. Their pieces were completed with splashes of color and poetic writing describing their personal journey.
The fifth graders independently researched an artist and created a miniature room based on that artists’ style, artwork, life, and personality. Students used an augmented reality technique to take viewers “inside” the artist’s room with a green screen video each student created and edited. Viewers were invited to scan a QR code attached to the artwork to see their AR room.

To show off their skills working with clay, students displayed their ceramic Monster Mugs chock full of personality! They learned how to use the slab technique to create their own mug featuring all sorts of creatures, animals, and monsters. The hand-built ceramic vessels were colorful, quirky, and clearly plenty of fun for the students who created them.

Finally, guests enjoyed seeing the unveiling of the fifth grade stepping stones–a long-standing tradition at Out-of-Door. Students design and create a stepping stone that represents who they are and their legacy at the Historic Siesta Key Campus. Students incorporated colorful ceramic tiles inset in the stones. Each of the stones will be permanently added to the campus hardscape where their creators can come to visit them for years to come.

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    • 5th Grade Art Under Banyan videos 2019
    • 5th Grade Art Under Banyan videos 2019

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