A Suncoast senior creates a video message of hope to her fellow seniors

Annette Gutierrez
The class of 2020 here on the Suncoast are organizing seniors from across the nation to spread one message.
SARASOTA (WSNN) - The class of 2020 here on the Suncoast are organizing seniors from across the nation to spread one message.

"This isn't the way it should have been," Out–of–Door Academy senior, Hannah Greenblott, said. "These were supposed to be the best three months of our lives. But, the world will always remember the class of 2020."

Greenblott produced a video of the 'ones who were quarantined.'

"We didn't know our last day would be our last day," Greenblott in the video said.

"We're all a little disappointed that our senior year wasn't going to turn out the way we had imagined it for so long," Greenblott said. "And we wanted to feel connected a little bit and I wanted to bring a lot of people together."

Nearly 100 seniors coming together:

"I am senior living in New York. Florida. New Jersey. Wisconsin. Connecticut. Oregon," seniors in the video said.

Spreading one message:

"We may not get to have a prom, or our senior trip, or a senior night, or an in-person graduation," seniors in the video said. “But we want you to know, we are there for you. We will get through this together. Just know we are a part of a piece of history."

“You ask your parents, and they remember their senior prom, and their senior graduation and those are the big memories; and ours are just different,” Greenblott said. So, everyone will recognize us as the class during the pandemic.

Greenblott says it took four weeks of coordination. She gathered seniors from an Instagram page she created for her class of 2024 in college. She will be attending the University of Tampa in the Fall.

While her senior year memories are not what she planned, Greenblott is thankful for the new and different memories she's made in the pandemic.

"I found so many people to talk to, and we've all found new things to do,” Greenblott said. “I think it's kind of fun to take it in and take life a little slower."

Greenblott will be majoring in biology at UT and hopes to get a masters to eventually become a high school teacher.

"Congratulations, we did it," seniors in the video said. “We got through it.”

You can watch the full video on her youtube page.

Source: SNN News

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