Now Broadcasting...WODA Goes Live!

Lower School students in the new Broadcasting class put a myriad of skills to the test during their weekly newscast. Click here to view an archive of their weekly broadcasts.
This year, a group of fifth grade students prepares a newscast for the Lower School community in place of the weekly assembly. The students in the Broadcasting Enrichment class begin each week by brainstorming new ideas for their weekly newscast. They break out to work in small groups, some using Zoom to collaborate with classmates learning virtually. Many of the students in the class of 15 are new to ODA this year, however, watching how well they work together, one would think they have known each other for years. 

The group works together to whittle down their list of ideas to the most timely, interesting items they think the Lower School community will want to learn about that week. The students diligently research and fact check as they write their news stories before recording them on video. These videos are then combined with weekly announcements which are delivered live to classrooms for Friday’s newscast. 

Students rotate through all of the jobs involved in putting together the news production, including running the camera, greenscreen room, and recorded content. 

“I’ve been very impressed with the class,” said Mrs. Glynis Miller, who teaches the Broadcasting class. “It’s a tricky thing to manage all of the moving parts when we go live, and they are doing it so well.”

The Broadcasting students are enjoying the experience and display a positive, collaborative attitude during class. 

“I enjoy being a reporter for the newscast, it’s really fun,” said Drake Smith '28. “It’s really enjoyable, I think this is something that I might want to do when I’m older.”

Mrs. Miller’s goal is to continue to have the students take on more of the process as time progresses, until they are 100% running the show on their own. They utilize the ‘Plan-Do-Review’ (Super 3) method in the class, a learning process introduced in core classes early on at ODA.

“The more student-driven this class is, the more ownership they will feel. My students are extremely motivated and already quickly learning what works and what doesn’t. This class is a great way for students to build on their teamwork, collaboration, and communication skills, as well as their videography and video editing abilities. I’m extremely proud of the work they are doing.”

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