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Out-of-Door Students Excel in the Second Annual Suncoast Science Center Remote Control Car Competition
Posted 03/29/2017 01:00PM

Students from Out-of-Door’s Middle and Upper Schools competed in the Second Annual Suncoast Science Center Remote Control (RC) Car competition. This year the following Upper School students helped in redesigning our two cars:  Skye Ehrhart, ’18, Lucas Macleod, ’18, Ethan Bertrand, ’18, Agustin Gualtieri,’18, Dakota Dickerson, ’18, Christian Ramos, ’19, and Ian Martin, ‘18.  On March 25th, four students, Ehrhart, Macleod, Bertrand, and Ramos, took their monster themed vehicle to the competition and brought home two first place victories. ODA placed 1st in the Blind Driving Obstacle Course. Students were challenged to drive their car through a narrow tunnel, around wooden stakes and over a steep hill. The driver, Ehrhart, was blindfolded and was navigated by his teammates. ODA won the Upper School division with a time of only 17 seconds. The second-place team had a time of 30 seconds. ODA also placed first in the Most Innovative Design Competition.

The students modified their car by changing the suspension so the car could drive even if it flipped upside down. They used a 3D-Printer to create new, larger wheels for speed, enhanced the steering, and increased their motor’s power with a more powerful battery. All of these modifications helped to make their car the most innovative in the Upper School division.

This year the Middle School was excited to enter a total of five cars. On Saturday, March 25th, our students took their monster themed vehicle to the competition and brought home a total of five trophies. Will Lahners,’21, and Cole Kirschner,’21, placed first in the Middle School division for both the blind car and off-road race. Lindsay Soss, ’22, and Sydney Graham, ’22, placed first in the Middle School design division for their environmental Harry Potter design. Caitlin Pacer, ‘23, and Megan Dowdell, ’22, placed third for their Lab Gone Crazy themed design. Tyler Beck, ’23, Andre Angelastro, ’23, and Max Fischer, ‘23, made it to the final round of the off-course race, placing second in the Middle School division.  

The students were awarded medals, trophies and certificates for summer design opportunities at the Ringling College of Art and Design. The Upper School students presented their trophies to Ms. Beeman on Monday, March 27th at Assembly to have them displayed in the STEM Lab. The Middle School students presented their achievements to the faculty and students during assembly to be displayed in the Science Lab. Middle and Upper School students were also interviewed by Phil Lederer from SRQ Magazine for an article to be published in their June edition.

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