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College Counseling

The Philosophy of The Out-of-Door Academy’s College Counseling program is to intimately communicate programmatic functions of the office, disseminate current trends and information, and to support families in their efforts to research, discover, and select the best environment for their children.


  • 100% Acceptance to 4-Year Colleges

  • 90% Application Acceptance Rate

  • 79% of Seniors Earn Unsolicited Merit Based Scholarships

  • 87% - 2016 AP Passing Rate

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5-Year Developmental Program

The Out-of Door Academy college counselors employ a 5-year developmental college-counseling program. The program was developed to deconstruct and de-mystify what has become a complex and intimidating process (college admission and financing). Information is presented in a slow drip manner to ensure pertinent information regarding curriculum, testing, college selection, activities, and matriculation. Ultimately, the developmental program decreases anxiety and empowers families to understand the vagrancies of college admission and manage expectations.

Learn about the college search process at Out-of-Door and access great resources.

Best-Fit Counseling

The college counselors at The Out-of-Door Academy work with students to discover their best fit as they maneuver from secondary to post-secondary school education. We have long ago discovered that some families will blindly support an admission to the “most selective” college to which they have been accepted without considering a holistic approach to education. There are hundreds of world-class universities and colleges in the United States, any of which will deliver a relatively equitable undergraduate education independent of front-end selectivity (admissions acceptance rate). With this in mind and substantiated by many leading educators across the country, we encourage students find a balance in their college search between academic excellence and outside the classroom culture (best fit). Students will spend 95% of their college tenure outside the classroom so understanding where one will be happy, content, and connected is a priority for the college counseling team at The Out-of-Door Academy.

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