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Senior Year

All senior students will begin the application process early in the fall semester.  Each student is required to meet one of three application deadlines for application submission: September 17, Ocotber 3, or October 17.  This will ensure that all students submit thier college applications in a timely fashion and at an early point in the year, allowing them to focus on their senior year course work and maintaining their grades.  Students will submit their applications to the college counseling office for review by Mr. Runge or Mr. Salmon before they are processed and sent to colleges/universities.  This serves as the culmination of the four year college counseling curriculum and is meant to ensure a successful college placement for each of our students. 

The formal college counseling curriculum for the Senior Year includes:

  • Senior college information night to be held in September for parents and students.
  • Senior application retreat for students (early September)
  • Meet with seniors every week to discuss last minute details of the admissions process.
  • Finalize college list/meet with college admission representatives as they visit Out-of-Door to express interest and intent of applying to their college/university
  • Complete standardized testing.
  • Meet one last time with parents and students to standardize each family's process. 
  • Complete secondary school reports and applications by October 17.


For a template of the brag sheet, please click here

Bright Futures Information:

As a reminder, there are two levels of Bright Futures awards:

  • Florida Academic Scholars
  • Florida Medallion Scholars

Once at the website, look at the left hand column and click on the link “Student Application” under Application Quick Links

Even if you are not planning on attending an in-state college or university next year, it is still in your best interest to submit this form because if you qualify for the award, you are entitled to the scholarship in the future.  If any unforeseen circumstances were to arise and you were forced to come back to FL to finish college you would still be able to apply Bright Futures money to your tuition.  It’s an easy application and should only take you about 10-15 minutes.  Please let Mr. Salmon if you have any questions. Additionally, the Bright Futures hotline is a wonderful resource of information.



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