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Thunder Athletic Club

Did you know that ODA now has 35 Middle School, Junior Varsity, and Varsity sports teams across three seasons? We are fortunate to have so many opportunities for our children to excel in athletics and in order to provide the best possible athletic experience, the Thunder Athletic Club (TAC) was created as a way for parents and other Thunder fans to support our hard-working Athletic Department, both through fundraising, as well as through volunteer service. Click here to see a list of the items that your support through TAC has helped pay for.

The TAC is under new management and the new board members (Nancy Castro, President, Wendy Carlton, Vice President Chris Berkowitz, Treasurer, and Kristen Fenker, Secretary), would like to thank Teena Humphrey and Barb Poole for the wonderful contributions they have made to ODA athletics during their tenure. We are currently looking for enthusiastic volunteers to fill out our teams for the following upcoming activities: the Varsity Athletic Awards Ceremony, May 20th, 2017, a Fall 2017 golf tournament (looking for a team coordinator and committee members), the Thor Store, the three concession stands, and with other new projects we are planning now. The TAC board welcomes anyone who has an interest in supporting ODA athletics with their time. Sign up at this link if you would like more information about these opportunities or contact Nancy Castro at 941-704-0156 or gncastro@me.com. We especially hope parents of rising 6th graders will join the TAC, as it is a great way to learn about the middle/upper school campus while helping to strengthen ODA athletics.

Look for the Thor Store to be open in the Thunderdome Concession Stand during the Spring Conferences on the Uihlein Campus at Lakewood Ranch. We will be putting 2016-2017 items on sale to make way for new inventory.

Please consider joining the Thunder Athletic Club and become part of the winning team! 

You are invited to join other interested sports fans in helping to make the athletic programs at The Out-of-Door Academy second to none by joining the Thunder Athletic Club.  A short description of the booster club and information on becoming a member is available by clicking here .

Thunder Athletic Club Officers:
Nancy Castro
Wendy Carlton
Vice President
Chris Berkowitz
Kristen Fenker

TAC Memberships
Plantinum Level
Gold Level $500
Silver Level $250
Blue Level $150
2016-2017 Thunder Athletic Club Members

The Brunckhorst Family
The Cornetet Family
The Dodge Family
The Feeney Family
The Goff Family
The Hamill Family
The Cathy Hansell Family
The Humphrey Family
The Lahners Family
The Munroe Family
The Ragsdale Family
The Sforzo-Vitale Family

The Berkowitz Family
The Colditz Family
The Fenker Family
The Holland Family
The Robinson Family
The Wahl Family

The Castro Family
The Flanders Family
The Kolbe Family
The Mahler Family
The Ramos Family
The Schlotthauer Family
The Swartz Family
The White Family

The Ballance Family
The Bertrand Family
The Brinling Family
The Brown Family
The Carlton Family
The Condrack Family
The Diesel-Veith Family
The Douglas Family
The Dyer Family
The Fincher Family
The Fox Family
The Fulton Family
The Gosnell Family
The Gary Hansell Family
The Harris Family
The Harrison Family
The Koffman Family
The Lafoe Family
The Luhrsen Family
The Lutton Family
The Maasdorp Family
The MacLeod Family
The Moore Family
The Millie Family
The Naese Family
The Newman Family
The Opstal Family
The Paxton Family
The Polvichek Family
The Poole Family
The Sambursky Family
The Strafuss Family
The Towery Family
The Varady Family

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