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Collaboration is a key element in the highly successful education methodology utilized by the faculty. Learners are open minded to different perspectives in order to build an interdependent learning community. Students learn the skills necessary to work together to reach a common goal in an environment where group interactions are the norm.

Fifth Grade Dude Ranch Camping Trip

Fifth grade students enjoyed on a field trip to the Circle F Dude Ranch, where they enjoyed many activities designed to teach them the benefits of teamwork, cooperation, consideration, and collaboration. They went on the ropes course, crossed streams, did teambuilding activities, participated in a Writing Workshop, and learned to collaborate, communicate, and depend on one another as teammates.

Fourth and Fifth Graders Compete in Tale Tournament

After reading Sunshine State books, all fourth and fifth students participated in a year-long event called the Tale Tournament. This new event required students to work collaboratively as well as to be creative and innovative as they applied what they read. Teams earned points throughout the year working collaboratively on various projects, and the four teams with the most points participated in the Final Four Book Battle in May. During this event, the teams were presented with a timed project. During the final battle, they were scored on innovation, creativity, teamwork, collaboration, and literary analysis.
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