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We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Flik Independent School Dining, the premier provider of foodservice for over 165 private and independent schools. Flik will be providing a complete meal plan program on the Siesta Key and Uihlein Campuses for the 2017-2018 school year. Flik prides themselves on preparing high-quality dishes from fresh ingredients. The menus are constantly changing in order to meet your student’s needs. Different soups, entrees, vegetarian items, deli selections, and a bountiful salad bar will be featured, allowing your student to obtain a well-balanced meal every day. Flik is looking forward to providing an enjoyable and exciting dining experience to the students at Out-of-Door.

There are several options to choose from in order for your child to take part in the lunch program. In order to eliminate the need for carrying cash, you may choose to set up a declining balance account, which can be done by placing funds at You may also choose to establish a meal plan.

Meal plans include a complete hot or cold protein option, a starch, and a vegetable with a choice of juice, milk or water. Dessert is included (fruit and sweets are alternated). Lower school students will also be able to choose from the nibbles station which includes a rotation of fresh cut veggie sticks, fresh cut fruit, vegetable dips and dressing. Middle and Upper School students also have a salad bar and a deli bar option.

Meal plans can be established by sending a check into school made out to FLIK Independent School Dining.

Flik Brochure 2017-2018

Flik ODA Meal Plan Insert

Meal Plan costs are as follows:

Siesta Key Campus Meal Plan
Full Year Plan $856
Fall Semester $448
Spring Semester $493
Uihlein Campus Meal Plan
Full Year Plan $913
Fall Semester $474
Spring Semester $522

If your child has food allergies, please contact the Campus Dining Manager to discuss meal options. Click here to view our daily menu.

Campus Dining Manager: Lindsey Kraus 941-554-5995

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