Lower School on Clark Road Frequently Asked Questions

List of 13 frequently asked questions.

  • What is the future of the Siesta Key Campus?

    Siesta Key is our home and our history. There are no plans to change operations at the Historic Siesta Key Campus. The Lower School at Clark Road is not a replacement for Siesta Key, but an addition to our school.
  • Will my child be assigned to a specific campus?

    Families will be invited to state a preferred campus, and preferences will be honored as long as space is available. If enrollment in your child’s grade surpasses what our facilities can accommodate, then there will not be an option. Students can be accepted to one campus and waitlisted at another.
  • Why are there only three grades at the Lower School on Clark Road? Will that change?

    There are only three grades at the Lower School on Clark Road in the inaugural year because that is where there is significant increases in our enrollment. The plan is to add a grade each year until it is a fully Pre-K–5 school.
  • Who will be the teachers on the Clark Road Campus?

    We will have veteran Out-of-Door educators, as well as newly hired team members working together to ensure program continuity with that of the Siesta Key Campus.
  • Am I committed to Pre-K–1st grade on one campus or can I change year-to-year?

    If you wish to change campuses the following year, you must submit a request in writing to the Admissions Office by December 15, 2024. Changes will be honored depending on space availability. Once your child is enrolled, per your request, you would not be able to change campuses mid-year.
  • Will tuition be the same?

  • Why isn’t the new campus in Lakewood Ranch?

    The Lower School on Clark Road campus has existing infrastructure as well as acreage. This additional campus provides not only classroom options, but space to build additional facilities, if needed. 
  • Will there be “specials” at the Lower School on Clark Road?

    Yes. Specials will remain a priority on both campuses. 
  • Will there be after school programming options? Extended care?

    Both campuses will offer our signature afterschool programs of Prime Time and After Care.

    Please note: Parents with students at the Lower School on Clark Road Campus will need to provide their own transportation to pick up their children from all after school programs. There will not be a late bus available for the Lower School on Clark Road.
  • Will there be transportation available to the Lower School on Clark Road?

    We will provide a bus to transport students directly from the Uihlein Campus to the Lower School on Clark Road and back. A transportation schedule will be shared prior to the start of the 2024-2025 school year. This route will traverse non-interstate roads, all east of I-75.

    There will be a Transportation Fee assessed to those families who choose this option. Families will be asked to apply for transportation prior to the beginning of each school year.

    There will be no bus transportation between the Siesta Key Campus and the Lower School on Clark Road Campus.

    Parents/guardians will need to pick their student(s) participating in afterschool programs. There will be no late bus.

    Zonar myView, the transportation app accessible to parents, will be available on this route.
  • Will there be food service available at the Lower School on Clark Road?

    Minimally, for the first year, students who attend the Lower School on Clark Road will be asked to bring their lunch to campus each day. A refrigerator and microwave will be available in each classroom. As the campus expands, there will be a plan for food service. Water fountains/bottle fillers will be available on campus for student hydration.
  • Will there be a nurse dedicated to the Lower School on Clark Road?

    We will have a licensed RN on campus during the school day.
  • Will there be security on campus at the Lower School on Clark Road?

    Yes, security will be present on campus during the school day.

    The main campus will be enclosed with fencing, with an automated gate at the inside entrance and an access gate at the administration building. Like all ODA campuses, security cameras will be installed and monitored throughout the day.
If you have further questions, please contact Director of Admissions, Laura Murphy.

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