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Lower School After-School Programs

After-school programs allow Lower School students the opportunity to make use of time after school has ended by exploring various interests, taking time to complete homework, or enjoying time with friends.
The Out-of-Door Academy is committed to offering our students a variety of after-school Prime Time Auxiliary Programs, building on and enhancing their individual school experience. These programs, which include Prime Time, After Care, and Intramural Sports, are run by ODA educators and/or highly reviewed outside vendors who have undergone extensive background checks.

All participating students meet under the Thunder Hut directly following dismissal at 3:15 pm. Students have an opportunity to purchase a quick snack before being escorted to class by their instructor. When class ends, instructors will escort students to their designated release location. 

All quarterly programs run on their scheduled school days from 3:30-4:30 pm, with the exception of school closures, early release, conference days, or closures due to inclement weather.

Prime Time 

The Out-of-Door Academy Prime Time programs provide an opportunity for students to explore and develop new passions and interests in a warm, nurturing environment with friends across grade levels. The program aims to encourage inspiration and creativity through self-discovery while having fun. 

After Care
The After Care program creates a space where students can socialize and build community with other Out-of-Door students outside of their regular classroom environment. The program is run by our team of ODA educators who are passionate about creating a nurturing and playful environment. Students choose between several options daily including time for homework, playing with friends, and a mix of indoor and outdoor activities. After Care is open to students Monday through Friday, excluding school closures, early dismissals, conferences, and closures due to inclement weather. 

Intramural Sports
ODA offers an Intramural Sports program designed to introduce students to competitive sports. Participants engage in games through safe, fun, physical activity where they learn new skills while focusing on sportsmanship. The program, which runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays alongside Prime Time, is valuable preparation for interscholastic sports in Middle School, and is exclusive to our 4th and 5th graders. There is no fee for this offering, however, it is an important commitment for your student to both their coaches and their classmates. The program is run through the ODA PE Department. No special equipment is required. Each Intramural Quarter will highlight two different sports.  
Transportation:  To allow for full access to these programs by all of our students, transportation after school hours is provided with a late bus route that leaves Siesta Key at 4:30 pm each day. 

For more details and registration for after-school programs, current parents should access Resources within myODA.

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