ODA’s Experiential Learning Through Mote Marine Partnership

Out-of-Door is building upon the success of the Lower School's community partnership with Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium by expanding into the Middle and Upper School curriculum.
Beginning this year, ODA's Middle and Upper School students began participating in specially curated, experiential learning opportunities created by global leaders in marine biological research at Mote Marine. Each program is designed to fully engage participants through exciting, hands-on learning experiences. ODA students have been participating in research, making connections between the classroom and real-world challenges, and experiencing behind-the-scenes tours in Mote’s internationally celebrated Marine Science laboratories. 
This partnership between Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium and ODA’s STEM program creates a common thread in our students’ experiences in their science classrooms. From pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, students are applying concepts they learn in the classroom to solve real-world problems. For example, in Middle School, sixth grade classes investigate coral reef biodiversity and marine careers; seventh graders explore engineering research and discovery tools to help researchers deep dive into blue holes; and eighth graders evaluate real-time data on shark behavior. 
The Out-of-Door Academy is pleased to continue providing unique experiences for our students at the intersection of classroom learning and real-world applications of scientific principles and looks forward to expanding our collaborative partnership with this esteemed research organization. 

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